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The Role Of Anchor Chain
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The main function of the anchor is to fix and stabilize the ship.

In the following ways.

The most basic condition for a chain to work is to hook things up on the seabed.

The weight of the anchor is negligible for the ship, and the friction will not do much. Generally speaking, when the ship anchored, the chain is straight, this is the basic can ignore the role of friction. If you are at the seaside, you will find a lot of small fishing boats, their anchor chain is thick rope.

On the boat, the anchor chain is straight, but under the water there is a section that is close to the sea bed (it is actually attached to the seabed). The anchor provides the grip, and then passes through the anchor chain to the ship to resist the influence of the external load of the current and the wind and waves on the positioning, and the reason why there is a part of the seabed is to consider the influence of force.

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