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The Hall Anchor Is A Common Stockless Anchor
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The hall anchor is forged steel, and the anchor crown that connects the two anchor claws is cast steel, when assembled, the anchor will be anchored to the bottom through the anchor, until the anchor shaft at the bottom of the anchor is close to the nest point of the anchor Crown, and then insert two bolts on the anchor crown to block the anchor shaft from being ejected. In this way, the anchor claw can rotate relative to the anchor.

The hall anchor not only makes assembly easy. The biggest advantage is that there is no anchor rod, easy to retain, in the anchor can be anchored dry income in the chain, and the anchor is often thrown in the state. Hall anchor's grasping weight is comparatively small, for 2.5~4. But because of its easy to throw anchor, save time and effort, its two claws are in the bottom of the water, will not be harmful to passing ships, it is widely used in a variety of ships, as the main anchor.

Hall anchor Head is located on the anchor axis axis, anchor, lifting anchor, the two claws will tilt to the side, if it happens to incline to the ship's outer plate, it will scratch the ship's outer plate, or even jammed, obstruct the anchor dry income chain.

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