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The Composition Of The Anchor Chain
- Mar 03, 2018 -

A complete anchor chain is composed of a chain link which is connected by many chain rings to form a certain length, and is connected together by connecting chains or connecting shackles to form the whole chain.

Chain ring includes common chain ring, enlarge chain ring, end chain ring, rotary ring, end shackle, connection chain ring or connection shackle. The common chain ring is the chain with the majority of the anchor chain, and it is the standard link to characterize the size and strength of the cable. To increase the chain ring in the anchor in the main role of the size of the transition, its size than the corresponding chain of the regular link in the box increased by 10%. The end chain ring is an enlarged, non-stall chain in the chain, which is used to connect with other links and to make the size transition.

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