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Spek Anchors Are Widely Used As The First Anchors
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The Spek anchor is the improved type of the hall anchor, and the center of the anchor is located below the centerline of the pin shaft. The structure is characterized in that the Anchorage Crown is fitted with anchor plate and reinforced rib. Therefore, the claw of this kind of anchor is easy to turn to the ground, the stability is better, and when the anchor is anchored, the anchor claw is naturally upward, and the hull plate is flipped, and the hull plate is not damaged.

Hall anchor for the first generation of modern standard rod-free claw anchor. This kind of anchor is simple to make, easy to collect, large in grasping, good in grasping, and it is the object of choosing main anchor of large and medium ships.

Spek Anchor Anchor's center of gravity is located under the anchor axis axis, when weighing anchor, the lifting anchor is dry, the two claws upward and the anchor dry in the same vertical plane. When the claw tip touches the ship's outer plate, the anchor claw will tilt to the side of the outer plate, not to scratch the ship's outer plate, to make the anchor dry and smooth the income chain, the anchor Claw and the ship's outer plate have better fitting, so it is widely used as the initial anchor.

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