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General Characteristics Of Stockless Anchor
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Because there is no bar, throwing anchor is very convenient, anchor can be directly stored in the side of the chain hole, does not occupy the deck area.

The two anchors claw at the same time, and no anchor claw is exposed outside the soil.

Ordinary Rod-less anchor (such as Hall anchor, Spek anchor, etc.) of the grip ratio, in the soft mud bottom is generally about 3, the bottom of the sand can reach the 5~7, the maximum is not more than 8, the grip than the rod anchor small, but can be increased by appropriate anchor to compensate.

For ease of use, no rod anchors are widely used as the first anchors of merchant ships. Modern rod-free anchor has a great improvement in structure and performance, and the grasping force is greatly improved.

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