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Chain Section Of Anchor Chain
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The chain shall be provided with a rotary ring at one end of the connecting anchor. The purpose of setting the rotary ring is to prevent excessive twisting of the anchor chain at anchor. The ring bolts of the rotary ring should be directed toward the middle chain to reduce friction and obstruction. The ring Plug and its body should be in the same centerline and be free to rotate.

The end link is the last section of the chain and is connected with the discard anchor. In general, the end link is not worthy of the ring, and its end link is connected to the abandoned anchor.

The middle chain is a section of the chain between the anchor end and the end chain. If the middle chain link is connected with a link ring, all of its chain rings are ordinary chains. If a link is used to shackle the connection, the opening portion of the connection shackle shall be directed toward the ship.

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