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Advantages Of Admiralty Anchors
- Mar 03, 2018 -

he anchor stem and the anchor claw of the Navy anchor are a casting whole, the anchor claw cannot rotate, so it belongs to the fixed claw anchor. There are two holes in the upper part of the anchor stem, wherein the hole above is connected with the anchor shackle, and the following hole is provided for the cross.

Before it broke down, the bar in the cross hole to the vertical and the anchor dry, and move the bar to its stall to resist the anchor dry, in the other side of the anchor bar on the bar and pin holes, can be inserted into the wedge to hold the bar, when the bar and the anchor plane is perpendicular.

The advantages of naval anchors are: simple structure, good grip bottom stability, grasping weight ratio is larger than ordinary anchor, domestic generally think its coefficient of grasping is 4~8. To get such a big hold. If because of the stability of the bar on the berth, it will not be like no rod anchor as the two claws to grasp the bottom of the inconsistent flip, and strong grip bottom. Naval anchors can be used for small ships and sailboats, or as tail anchors and for prolonged anchoring.

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