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Why should the number of links in each section of the chain be odd?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Kent shackles are generally used to connect between each chain of anchors, the size of which is larger than other chain anchors. We know that the connection between each link of the chain is 90° vertical, that is, a chain. The ring is lying horizontally, and the next link is to be vertical; when designing the anchor chain of the anchor machine, it is also a horizontal groove, a vertical groove, and the sprocket is pulled up with the anchor chain, and the transverse groove is Eat hard to drive the chain. Kent shackle because it is relatively fat, can only lie in the horizontal groove, the vertical slot can not be stuck, if the vertical groove to match it to enlarge, it will cause other common links to loosen inside. When the number of links in each section is odd, it can be guaranteed that the Kent shackle connected to it is always on an even number, so that the Kent shackle always falls in the horizontal groove; if the number of links is even, Kent shackle After a while in the odd ring, and then in the even ring, then a horizontal slot, a vertical slot, according to the above explanation will not work.

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