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What are the preparations for the anchor?
- Nov 29, 2018 -
  • Notify the cabin power supply (steam anchor machine for steam supply).

  • Untie the anchor hood and check for abnormal conditions.

  • Brake the brakes, disengage the clutch, lubricate the anchor and refuel the car, and check whether the forward and reverse are normal.

  • Send the anchor out: Remove the wave cover, open the chain cutter, close the clutch, release the brake band, start the anchor machine to send the anchor out of the anchor chain, hang on the water surface, brake the brakes, and then disengage the clutch. At this time, the anchor is only controlled by the brake band, and as long as the brake band is loose, the anchor is dropped.

  • Prepare the anchor ball or anchor light.

  • Report the cab immediately after the preparation is completed. The relevant personnel are all there, and observe whether there is a boat approaching below the outboard anchor. 

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