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Simple and easy to use method for preventing corrosion damage of ship anchor chain
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Ship anchor chains, anchors and chain lockers are often subject to friction and seawater erosion, which is prone to more serious rust. This is a better treatment:

Ship anchor chains, anchors and chain lockers are prone to rust, so coatings are required to have wear, seawater and rust resistance. The commonly used coating is coal tar pitch varnish, which is generally coated with 2-3 passes and a dry film thickness of 60 μm or more. In the use of the ship, once the paint film is found to fall off due to bumps or the like, it must be repaired in time. The repair method is: in the dry environment, the edge of the old paint film is sanded with sandpaper to remove dust and dirt. The asphalt paint is carefully applied to the anchor chain by brushing, and the second coating is applied after 24 hours. Road, can only be used after 5 days, during which time do not drag and stack anchor chains that are not completely dry. As for the surface treatment of the newly constructed anchor chain, shot blasting or chemical pickling treatment may be employed. Many shipyards use the rolling method to remove rust. The anchor chain is ligated into a speed of about 3m in length, and placed in the drum. The steel wire is forged, gold steel sand, iron scrap, etc., and the drum is rotated by the motor. The anchor chain is subjected to abrasive impact to remove rust. Paint the rust dust in the cylinder and on the anchor chain. Generally, it can be dipped into the dipping paint cylinder for dip coating construction, and after 3-5 minutes, it is lifted and dried. When the minimum coating interval is small, it is generally dip coated 3 times.

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