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Regular inspection and maintenance of anchor equipment
- Dec 10, 2018 -

The periodic inspection and maintenance of the anchor equipment is at least once every six months.

Anchor: visual inspection according to daily inspection and maintenance method; check the flexibility of the anchor claw to the maximum angle and the tightness of the fit to the ship's side; for the ship repair inspection, the weight loss of the anchor does not exceed 20% of the original anchor weight; When it is damaged, it should be sent to the factory for repair and replacement of the spare anchor.

Anchor chain: pour all the chains from the chain cabin on the deck to remove sludge, rust and paint; crack check: hit each link and shackle with a hammer, listen to the sound is crisp; deformation check : Measure the length of the link and shackle. The length of the chain link is more than 7% of the original length, and the gearless chain or shackle can not be used more than 8% of the original length; wear inspection: check the contact between the ring and the ring and the friction between the anchor chain and the anchor chain, with a caliper The maximum and minimum diameters of the same section are measured and averaged. Class I navigation area, if the diameter of the link is found to be less than 88% of the original diameter, it should be replaced. 85% of Class II and III navigation areas should be replaced; structural looseness check: check whether the crosspiece is loose, whether the pin connecting the link and the shackle is loose, and whether the seal is off; when repairing the ship, all the connecting chains will be removed. Remove the ring (shackle) and replace the pin and seal. The anchor end link and the end link are reversed and recorded. Anchor chain fireworks during maintenance to eliminate small scars and internal stress; after repairing the anchor chain, the asphalt should be coated twice and marked.

Anchoring machine: sprocket, chain-making device, chain guide roller and anchor chain cylinder should be in line; each gear tooth.

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