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Precautions when using anchor chain
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Chain can be said to be in our life is very common in one of the products, many products or equipment of the anchor chain are inseparable from the application of the product, although the product is small, but the role is very significant. However, sometimes we feel that the chain is very convenient to use, so the relevant use of the product is not very attention, resulting in the implementation of the often wrong.

In fact, the use of the chain is very simple, but there are a lot of small details need our attention, for example, we use the product in the process, do not use strong acid or alkaline detergent (such as rust remover), because these chemicals will lead to the suspension of the chain cable damaged or even broken. And do not use to have to add solvent washing chain machine cleaning chain, this cleaning method will definitely damage the chain. In addition to avoid the use of oil and other organic solvents, which will not only damage the environment will also wash off the bearing parts of the lubricant. These small details, though used, are also important.

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