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Place of use of shackle
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Safety factor of Shackle: safety factor is 4 times times, 5 times times, 6 times times, even 8 times times.

Shackle material: Common carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel. Surface treatment is generally divided into galvanized (hot plating and electroplating), paint, Dacromet plating.

The use of the site: widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railways, chemicals, ports, mines, buildings and other industries.

Use range of Shackle:

The shackle can be used between the rigging and the end fittings, only connecting.

When the rigging is used in conjunction with the Crossbeam, the shackle can be used to connect the top of the sling to the lower part of the beam, which facilitates installation and disassembly.

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