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Main types of anchors
- Mar 03, 2018 -

There are many kinds of anchors, according to the structure and use of different, can be divided into a rod anchor, no rod anchor and large force anchor, and so on;

1. Rod Anchor: Also known as the naval anchor, this anchor is an early anchor, also known as a naval anchor, this kind of anchor structure is simple, the grasping weight ratio is big, the grip bottom stability is good, but anchors the work and the collection is not very convenient, the upturned anchor grasping is apt to entangle the anchor chain and to scrape the bottom of the ship, this kind of anchor is not easy to serve as the first anchor of the merchant

2. No rod anchor: Also known as the mountain Word anchor, common for Hall anchor and Spek anchor, is the movable anchor claw (around 45 °) without Rod anchor, anchor Bolt and anchor arm are separately cast. The anchor Claw, the anchor crown and the anchor arm are molded into one. The anchor stem is inserted into the rectangular hole of the anchor crown, and the pin axis and the transverse pin are positioned in the two semicircular grooves in the lower part of the anchor Crown to achieve the purpose of the anchor dry rotation.

3. Large-Force anchor: Large-force anchor combined with the advantages of rod anchor and rod-free anchor, generally have a rod to claw anchor.

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