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Low grasping weight of stockless anchor
- Mar 03, 2018 -

No-rod anchor with two anchor claw at the same time into the soil, then the grasping ratio should be higher than the single claw in the ground, but in fact, the grip ratio of the anchor is often lower, the main reasons are as follows.

① when a ship is anchored at anchor, the position often rotates at the center of the anchor if the wind and the flow force are changed. Because of the change of position, the horizontal drag of the anchor chain in the anchorage can not be consistent with the direction of the anchor, so it will cause the anchor claw to rotate in the soil. When a single claw in the Earth's navy anchors rotates, the engagement of the anchor claw and the soil is less than the broken ring. While the two claws in the ground without rod anchor rotation, so that the mesh of the anchor claw and the soil is seriously damaged, resulting in the anchor's grasping force greatly reduced.

The shape of the ② anchor Claw end is not as easy as the naval anchor to penetrate the soil, the anchor claw is not deep, so the grasping force is smaller.

Ordinary anchors which have a anchoring force and are usually engaged by the anchor Claw and the bottom, in order to maintain the best meshing state, in order to produce the largest anchor force, it is required to lay the anchor dry at the bottom of the water, can not be tilted, that is, the demand chain to keep the bottom tangent, the pull on the anchor chain for the horizontal direction.

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