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Introduction to the type of anchor
- Sep 18, 2018 -

The anchor has a specific shape, and when thrown into the water, it can quickly bite into the subsoil to provide a grip, and a ship or other floating system can be left in a predetermined water area through a chain or cable attached to the top end. Anchors are special in shape and are usually made of forged steel or cast steel. The anchor is composed of an anchor body and an anchor crossbar, and the anchor body is composed of an anchor ring (or an anchor shackle), an anchor stem (an anchor), an anchor crown, an anchor arm, and an anchor claw.

There are many kinds of anchors, which are divided into their structures and shapes: rod anchors, rodless anchors, high-grip anchors, single-jaw anchors with special purposes, double-claw anchors, multi-claw anchors, mushroom anchors, floating anchors, etc. According to the weight and function, it is divided into: main anchor, medium anchor and small anchor; according to the set position and use, it is divided into: ship anchor, raft anchor, spare anchor, transfer anchor, anchor, anchor and deep sea anchor. Wait. The number and weight of the anchors on the ship are selected according to the number of habitats specified in the code, or based on the displacement of the ship, the area of the wind receiving water, the resistance of the body, the depth of the anchor, and the length of the chain.

Seagoing ships are generally equipped with three main anchors (two box anchors and one spare anchor) and one medium anchor. The small anchors are not specified. The submarine anchor is short-handled due to the small superstructure of the boat, so as to avoid difficulty in layout. It is required that the anchorage can ensure the maximum grip force under the rated weight condition and can quickly penetrate the various subsoil under any throwing condition. It is easy to escape from the subsoil when the anchor is anchored, and should be taken to the side anchorage. It fits well with the anchor chain, anchor hole or anchor frame.

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