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Introduction to the link
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The main categories of links are: ordinary link, enlarged link, end link, swivel, connecting link, connecting shackle, end shackle.

1, link chain: used to connect the two sections of the chain before and after. Ken characteristic connection link: also known as double half or Kent shackle, is a kind of Chinese norm and national standard designation; loose joint link: also known as C type link. The joints and the joints are often connected by a connecting link. For example, when the connecting chain is connected by a connecting link, the two ends of the connecting link are ordinary links.

2, swivel: is to prevent the kinks of the anchor chain.

3, increase the chain ring: mainly plays the role of size transition.

4, the end link: is the size of the chain chain has increased the size of the chain link, used to match the connection of other links and play a size transition.

5. Ordinary link: A standard anchor chain that occupies the majority and characterizes the size and strength of the anchor chain. The size of the link is represented by the diameter d of the link. The diameter of a common link is a measure of the strength of the anchor chain.

Anchor chain length

Take "section" as the unit; China stipulates that the standard length of each section of the anchor chain is 27.5m, and the English system often uses 15 extensions as one section, equivalent to 27.5m of metric system, and some sections of 25m and 20m. In addition to the links with the swivel, and the number of links in each chain should be odd, to ensure that the connecting link or the connecting shackle can lie flat on the sprocket when passing through the sprocket of the anchor Passed through.

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