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Introduction to the anchor machine
- Nov 21, 2018 -

1, role: anchor, anchor. Twisted cable. 

2. Location: The head of the ship.

3. Types of anchoring machines. According to the power of the windlass, there are steam anchors, electric anchors and hydraulic anchors. According to the arrangement of the anchor machine, there are two types, horizontal and vertical.

4. The electric anchoring machine drives the sprocket and reel of the anchoring machine after the motor is decelerated. The clutch is used to control the clutching of the sprocket with the drive spindle. In the mooring operation, when the clutch is disengaged, the main shaft and the reel rotate and the sprocket does not rotate, which can be used as an anchor or a cable. When the clutch is closed, the reel and the sprocket rotate simultaneously. It can be used as anchor for anchoring or deep water anchoring. The band brake is used to brake the sprocket and control the speed of the chain. At present, electric anchors are often used on sea vessels.

5. The structure of the steam anchor machine is basically the same as that of the electric anchor machine. It uses steam as a power source. Its characteristics are large power and simple structure. However, before use, the micro-speed warming cylinder should be used to discharge the residual water vapor in the cylinder. At low temperature, anti-freezing measures should be taken. At present, large oil tankers still use steam anchors based on fire and explosion protection requirements.

6. The hydraulic anchoring machine drives the hydraulic pump by the electric motor, drives the oil motor, and then makes the windlass run after deceleration (or no need to decelerate). It operates smoothly and has good shifting performance. However, wheel manufacturing technology and maintenance requirements are high.

7. The horizontal anchoring machine refers to the anchoring machine with the sprocket shaft horizontally arranged. Generally, the horizontal anchoring machine is used on the ship. The vertical anchoring machine refers to the anchoring machine with the sprocket shaft vertically arranged, which can reduce the deck area occupied by the anchoring machine and is mostly used for warships.

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