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Introduction to the anchor chain
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Anchor chain refers to a special chain that connects the anchor and the hull and transmits the anchor grip. It is often composed of anchor chain links, intermediate links and end links. According to the structure of the link, it can be divided into two types: the chain anchor chain and the non-stop anchor chain. The strength of the former is larger than that of the latter; according to the manufacturing method, the anchor chain can be divided into a cast steel anchor chain and an electric welding anchor chain. The length of the chain is in knots, and the standard length of each chain is 27.5m. The joints are connected by a connecting link or a connecting shackle. Usually, the main anchor of each 10,000-ton wheel has a chain length of about 12 knots.

The anchor chain is a steel chain that connects the hull to the anchor. The main function of the anchor chain is to connect the anchor to the ship and transmit the anchoring force of the anchor to the hull. When anchoring, the anchor chain has a certain weight, which can play a certain role in the water and other external forces received by the ship. The buffering effect; the anchor chain of the horizontal bottom part maintains the horizontal force of the anchor, which is beneficial to the reliable bottoming of the anchor. At the same time, this part of the chain can also provide a part of the anchoring force due to the blockage of the soil. If the ship wants to be stationary in the current, it must rely on the anchor in the water to hold the ship. The anchor chain is the connecting anchor and the middle part of the ship. The anchor chain carries the ship's large weight, so the anchor chain needs high quality.

The weight of the anchor chain loaded to the ship is very small, and the weight of the ship loaded to the anchor chain is very large, so the weight of the anchor chain is generally larger, the heavier the anchor chain is basically made of special steel, the weight is better. A large steel chain can pull the ship. The quality of the anchor chain determines the quality of the ship's docking. The quality of the general chain is subject to rigorous testing. The poor quality anchor chain is not allowed to be used on larger ships. In fact, the anchor chain is not necessarily made of steel. Ordinary ropes can also act as anchor chains and have chain anchors. However, ordinary ropes can only act as anchor chains for boats. Many boats used by fishermen use ordinary ropes to act as anchors. Chains, but the anchor chains used in large passenger ships or ships are made of steel.

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