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Introduction to anchor chain
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The anchor chain is a hole that traverses the first floor deck and side slabs, guides the anchor chain to the outboard, and is also the anchor's collection. 

It consists of a deck chain hole, a side chain hole and a cylinder. The barrel is provided with a water spray device for rinsing the anchor chain and the anchor when the anchor is used. In order to prevent seawater from rushing from the anchor chain to the deck and ensuring the safety of the staff, a wave protection cover is provided at the chain hole of the deck. 

Some ships have chain guide rollers at the top of the anchor chain to reduce the friction between the chain and the deck chain holes. Some low-flyer or fast ship, in order to reduce the water and air resistance caused by the anchor and the splash caused by the anchor claw, the anchor plate is formed on the side plate to be able to occlude the anchor head, and its shape is square, round and Umbrella and so on.

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