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Introduction of anchor chain
- Sep 20, 2018 -

The anchor chain barrel is a hole for the anchor chain to enter and exit and to collect the anchor, and its diameter is about 10 times of the chain diameter. The anchor chain consists of a deck chain hole, a side chain hole and a cylinder. The upper and lower ports of the anchor chain are generally provided with anchor lips, which are respectively called upper anchor lip and lower anchor lip. (The radius of the arc of the outer edge of the anchor lip made of steel plate or cast steel is generally not less than 12 times the diameter of the anchor chain. ), its role is to reduce the wear of the anchor chain and the upper and lower mouth. A flushing device is provided in the body for flushing the anchor and the anchor chain when the anchor is anchored. A wave protection cover is provided at the chain hole of the deck to prevent seawater from rushing from the anchor chain to the deck and to ensure the safety of the staff. Some ships have chain guide rollers at the chain hole of the deck to reduce the friction between the chain and the chain of the deck.

In order to reduce the water and air resistance caused by the anchor, some low-lift ships and fast ships reduce the splash of water caused by the impact of the anchor body. The anchor hole of the anchor chain and the anchor claw is formed in the hole of the side of the chain. Square, round, umbrella, etc. The position and size of the anchor chain should be such that when the anchor is anchored, the anchor claw is closely attached to the hull, and the anchor is retained together with the swivel in the anchor chain; when the anchor is broken, the anchor is easily taken out of the anchor chain. In addition, the lower mouth of the anchor chain should be separated from the full waterline to reduce the first wave impact anchor during navigation; the position of the anchor chain is at an appropriate distance from the centerline of the ship, so as to prevent the anchor from getting stuck on the column.

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