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How to restore the anchor chain after use
- Dec 06, 2018 -

When the anchor chain is used, the anchor is also restored. The steps are:

(1) Twist the chain, connect the first and second sections, and then twist the anchor chain on the deck into the cabin.

(2) Dissolve the safety cable, send the twisted cable from the cable guide hole, and connect it to the anchor shackle; the other end rewinds on the roll.

(3) Twist the twisted cable and release it when the cable is loose.

(4) Wring the anchor chain and loosen the stranded cable. When the anchor is suspended vertically below the anchor chain, the stranded cable is removed. At this time, it is possible to decide whether to twist the anchor into the anchor chain as needed.

Modern large ships often have special anchor chain barrels near the anchor hole, so that the anchoring operation is much more. 

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