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How to judge that the anchor has been gripped (or anchored)
- Nov 26, 2018 -

After loosening the anchor chain as planned, the anchor chain is braked and the state of the anchor chain is observed. If it is pulled forward, it will move smoothly and rhythmically on the surface of the water, and then it will be slightly slack, indicating that the anchor has been gripped. If the anchor chain is straightened, it will not be lifted on the surface of the water but will be shaken, and there is no slack. It means that the anchor is dragged under the water and has been anchored. The captain should be reported immediately and take measures.

Deep water anchoring operation: When the water depth exceeds 25m, the anchor anchor machine should be loosened to the bottom of the sea (about 5-10m), and then freely thrown off by the brake belt. When the water depth is greater than 50m, the anchor should be used to send the anchor to the sea floor and slowly loosen the chain. After the anchor is thrown, close the chain cutter, brake slightly, cut off the power supply, and the anchoring operation ends.

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