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Hot cutting technique for shackle
- Mar 03, 2018 -

At present, many of the use of hot cutting technology, hot cut is a way of hot punching, not only the production process alone, but also reduce production processes, saving the subsequent processing costs. Hot cutting technology mainly has the following characteristics:

In order to replace the cold cutting process with hot cutting and to realize the flexibility of machining mode, the workpiece can be cut out of the machining location point or the starting surface of machining.

There is a certain limit on the amount of cut, over the amount of the appropriate degree for the amount, in order to be able to basically meet the cutting processing allowance, or cut out the processing of the positioning surface or assembly surface for the maximum, too small to reach the technical and economic effects, too large, hot stamping die wear larger, die life is lower, cut easily irregular strain deformation.

Punching die special design, the use of composite mold structure technology to achieve punching, thermal plastic integrated production, reduce the production process of hot plastic, mold need to check the wear status, timely repair replacement.

And cut the flying edge at the same time, do not set a step, not much occupy punching time, no need to occupy milling machine and other production equipment, no need to purchase milling tools, no need to make milling tooling, reduce production resources occupied, thereby increasing the effective production time.

In the condition of not increasing the labor intensity of the operator, the cutting speed is obviously high with the hot cut instead of the milling, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

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