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Daily inspection and maintenance of anchor equipment
- Dec 07, 2018 -

daily inspection and maintenance

Anchor: Check the wear and deformation of the anchor shackle, and pay attention to whether the cross pin is loose; pay attention to whether the cross pin of the anchor head is loose, whether the anchor claw is bent or cracked, whether the rotation is flexible, and whether the angle is normal; when the anchor is anchored, observe the water after anchoring Whether there are any debris on the anchor claws, and slow down the speed of the twisting, so that the anchor claws finally close to the ship's side.

Anchor chain: Usually use left and right anchors in turn; pay attention to whether the anchor chain mark is clear. If it falls off, it should be replenished in time; check the chain ring and shackle for cracks, deformation and loose structure and wear. Check whether the swivel is flexible, and timely lubricate the windlass: operate according to the operating procedures; check the brakes regularly; refuel and test before each use. Before the steam engine is used, the water in the cylinder should be discharged; the clutch is often refueled to ensure the operation is light and flexible; pay attention to the wear of the gear teeth of the sprocket and the thread of the worm.

Chain-linker: The friction surface is often oiled, and the rest should be coated with anti-rust paint; often check the fastening of the base to the deck.

Abandon chain: Check the integrity of the protective cover; the rotating parts are often refueled.

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