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Classification of anchor chains
- Aug 28, 2018 -

The anchor chain is a chain connected between the anchor and the hull for transmitting and buffering the external force of the ship. A complete chain of anchors is connected by a multi-section anchor chain through a connecting link (the modern ship has basically not connected to the shackle to connect the chain links), and each chain is composed of a number of links.

According to the chain structure, the chain is divided into two types: a chain and a chain. When the size and material are the same, the strength of the chain is larger than that of the unchained chain, the deformation is small, and it is not easy to twist when stacked, so it is widely used on sea vessels. The gearless chain is generally only used for boats.

According to the manufacturing method, the anchor chain is divided into a cast anchor chain, an electric welding anchor chain and a forged anchor chain. In modern shipbuilding, the most used is the electric welding anchor chain, the casting anchor chain has been rarely used, and the forged anchor chain has almost disappeared. The grade of the chain steel used to produce the chain anchor is divided into three grades: AM1, AM2 and AM3. AM1 anchor chain steel is killed steel, AM1 grade anchor chain can not be used for high holding power anchor and super large holding power anchor; AM2, AM3 grade anchor chain steel is calming fine grain treated steel, AM3 grade anchor chain is only suitable for chain diameter 20.5 Anchor chain of mm or more. For the same ship, if a strong steel is used, the size of the link can be appropriately reduced.

According to the action: ordinary chain ring, increase chain ring, swivel ring, chain end shackle, chain end chain ring, end chain ring and connecting chain ring.

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