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Chain link division of anchor chain
- Sep 11, 2018 -

According to the position of the chain link in the whole chain, it can be divided into three parts: the anchor end link, the middle link and the end link.

The anchor end link is the first section of the anchor chain and is connected to the anchor. The end shackles in the chain link and the cross pin of the anchor shackle should face the anchor, ie the arc portion faces the intermediate link. The ring bolt of the swivel should face the middle link to reduce friction and jamming. The purpose of setting the swivel is to prevent the anchor chain from being excessively twisted.

End link: is the last segment of the chain and is connected to the chain. That is, starting from the chain detacher, the end chain ring → the chain ring → the ring → the chain ring → the common chain ring. The ring plug of the swivel should also face the middle link.

The middle link: is the chain link between the anchor end link and the end link, and generally consists of a common link and a connecting link. If the connection is shackle connection, the links at both ends of the connection shackle are: connection shackle → end link ring → increase link ring → common link ring →. Then the arc portion of the connecting shackle should face the anchor to avoid jumping, impact and jamming when the sprocket is held by the anchor when the anchor is thrown.

Most of the links are connected by a connecting link or a connecting shackle. If the link chain is connected by a connecting link, the two ends of the connecting link are ordinary links. If the connecting shackle is used to connect the anchor chains, the connecting shackles are connected to the end links (also called the unchained links) in turn, the connecting links are enlarged, and then the common links are connected to ensure the smooth transition of the strength.

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