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Cast Way of anchor
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Anchored berthing is a commonly used anchorage method. The process is roughly: The anchor anchored in the ship or anchor is thrown into the water, and make it into the Earth, anchor-generated grip and consolidation of the bottom, the ship firmly tied to the reservation, according to different waters, meteorological conditions and operational requirements, anchor throwing methods are different, commonly used in the form of a first anchor, the end of the anchor and at anchor.

1. Bow Anchor

The bow anchors, there are two kinds of throwing single anchor and double anchor. In general, only single anchor can be fastened to the vessel, only when the waves are particularly large and anchorage large and narrow. When the bow anchors, the hull of wind, water force and wave impact, such as the smallest force, so this is the main way to anchor Anchorage, but also the main anchors in the bow layout of the major reasons. A small boat and a fishing boat with only one anchor. In addition, there are two main anchor anchors on any ship on the bow. When the ship is up to a certain degree, the ship should also be set up a standby main anchor, also known as wind anchor.

2. Stern anchor

The stern anchor is used for inland river ships and landing boats. When the Inland river ships to the downstream sailing berthing, in order to protect safety and avoid turning, often use stern anchor. Landing ships in the beach operation, in conjunction with the host, relying on the pull of the anchor to pull down the shore of the beach ship.

3. Anchoring

If you want to make the moored ship always on the side of the rail, against the wind direction, the use of the end of the way to anchor. The method of anchoring and ending is generally to throw the main anchor from the wind direction, and a cable from the stern will bypass the main anchor chain which has been thrown outside the ship's side and then release some main anchor chain, another method is to throw the tail anchor from the tail after the first main anchor is thrown.

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