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Big Grip of Stock Anchor
- Mar 03, 2018 -

The anchor Claw and the anchor stem are usually a whole and have a bolt perpendicular to the plane of the anchor Claw. The anchor is more than two claws, but also for the pile claws. When used, one claw is deep in the ground and the grasping force is big.

For anchors, it is of great significance to obtain the maximum grip with the minimum anchor weight. The ratio of the anchor's grasping force to the gravity of the anchor is called the grasping-weight ratio. The anchoring ability can be improved by grasping the high ratio anchor with the same anchor weight. In addition, the anchor should also have good performance, good anchor in the dock to be able to quickly soil, and in the anchor when it is easy to detach from the seabed, that is, the need for ground breaking is small, for a variety of properties of the Earth to have a good adaptability. Excellent anchors should also be easy to collect and store in navigation. In addition, the anchor should have enough strength, simple structure, easy manufacture and low cost. The design of the anchor is extremely numerous, each kind of anchor has each characteristic in the performance aspect.

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