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Basic requirements for the anchor machine
- Sep 01, 2018 -

1. Must be driven by an independent prime mover or motor.

2. When testing on board, the anchoring machine should be able to pull one anchor from the water depth of 82.5m (three anchor chains into the water) to 27.5m (one anchor chain into the water) at an average speed of not less than 9m/min.

3. When the specified average speed and working load are met, it should be able to work continuously for 30 minutes. It should be able to work continuously for 2 minutes under the action of overload tension (not less than 1.5 times the working load). No speed is required at this time.

4. A clutch should be installed between the sprocket and the drive shaft. The clutch should have a reliable locking device. The sprocket or reel should be equipped with a reliable brake. After the brake is braked, it should be able to withstand 45% of the breaking load of the chain. Pulling force; the chain must be equipped with an effective chain stopper. The chain stopper should be able to withstand the test load equivalent to the chain. Classification of windlass: According to the power: electric anchor machine, hydraulic anchor machine.

According to the axis of the anchor chain: horizontal, vertical. The composition and working principle of the hydraulic anchor machine: oil pump - control valve - oil motor - anchor machine.

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