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Anchoring operation
- Dec 03, 2018 -

1. Preparation: notify the cabin to send electricity for the chain water. The anchoring machine is lubricated and the empty vehicle test (positive and reverse rotation) confirms that everything is normal, then close the clutch, open the chain-making device and the brake band, and let the windlass be stressed. When the preparation is completed, report to the bridge immediately. 

2. Twisted anchor operation: After receiving the anchor code from the bridge, the first officer instructs the carpenter to twist the anchor at an appropriate speed according to the force of the anchor chain. Open the chain water to flush the sludge on the chain. During the anchoring process, the first officer should report the direction of the anchor chain to the captain at any time, so that the bridge can cooperate with the rudder. The carpenter used the bell to report the number of knots below the deck. If the wind is turbulent when the anchor is anchored, the anchor chain is tightly stretched. At this time, the anchor chain cannot be hardly twisted. Instead, the bridge should be reported, and the hull should be moved forward and then the anchor chain is loosened and then twisted to prevent damage to the anchor chain. And the anchor machine. If the chain crosses the bow, the car and the rudder should be used to straighten the ship and then twist it. 

3. The judgment of the anchor from the bottom. Firstly, the moment the anchor claw unearthed, the load of the anchor machine is the largest. After the anchor is off the bottom, the load of the anchor machine suddenly drops. At this time, the speed of the windlass is slow to fast, and the sound changes from muffled to light. Secondly, the anchor chain on the water surface will be swayed to the side of the ship at an instant from the bottom of the anchor and will be in a vertical state at any time.

4, anchor off the bottom. The clock should be knocked down and the anchor ball lowered or the anchor light turned off. After anchoring the water, observe whether there are any debris on the anchor. If it should be cleaned up in time, then suspend the anchor on the side or use it as needed. 

5. End the work. If the anchor is no longer in use and needs to be retracted into the chain barrel, it should be slowly twisted until the anchor claw is in close contact with the ship's side. Close the chain-making device, use the anchor machine to pour out a little anchor chain, force the chain-cutter, then brake and disengage the clutch. Close the anchor chain water and cover the anchor chain to release the wave cover. Cover the anchor machine, use the chain chain to reinforce the anchor chain, seal the anchor chain nozzle, and inform the nacelle to turn off the power supply of the anchor.

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