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Anchor work
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Ships need to be floated with anchor chains in some ports, and anchor chains are often used as streamers when towing at sea. The anchor chain is required to be loosened from the second section, and the first section of the anchor chain is unloaded and anchored to the outboard. This process is called "hanging anchors."

1. Prepare one each of the hanging cable, the twisted cable, and the safety cable and several shackles.

2. The cable is sent out from the cable guide hole at the rear of the bow (on the side of the anchor) and then retracted to the deck via the anchor chain (also

Attach the anchor from the anchor chain in advance) Attached to the anchor shackle with a shackle: the other end of the twisted cable passes through the guide roller

Rewind on the reel.

3. The safety cable is sent from another cable guide, passes through the anchor shackle and is led back to the deck, and both ends are fastened to the pile, but

The safety cable remains slack.

4. Close the clutch, open the chain cutter, release the brake band, and start the anchor to send the anchor out of the outboard while relying on rolling

The cable on the drum pulls the anchor to the rear of the bow and hangs under the cable guide hole.

5. The hanging cable is sent out from the cable guide hole, passes through the anchor shackle, and then is led back to the deck by the original road; the other end

Then tighten and fasten on the bollards.

6. Slowly loosen the twisted cable on the drum. After making the hanging cable work hard, tighten the safety cable and remove the twisted cable.

7. Use a short wire rope to pass through the chain at the anchor chain and fasten the ends to the deck to prevent the chain from slipping out.

8. Start the anchor and pour the chain until the first connecting link falls on the deck and untie it. At this point, hanging

The anchor operation is completed and the anchor chain is ready.

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