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Anchor operation
- Nov 30, 2018 -

1.When the driver's anchor password is obtained, the first officer immediately instructs the carpenter to release the brake band and let the anchor fall by gravity. 

2.After anchoring the bottom, the anchor chain should be braked, while the anchor ball is hung or the anchor light is turned on (off navigation light). 

3.In order to ensure the smooth release of the anchor chain, the ship should maintain an appropriate speed. If the ship does not retreat, the loose anchor chain will accumulate on the anchor and cause entanglement. If the speed is too fast, you will not be able to stop the loose chain. Therefore, if the ship's speed is too fast, it should be reported that the cab is steered with the rudder. 

4.When the length of the loose chain is 2.5 times the water depth, the anchor chain should be braked; the anchoring force of the ship is used to make the anchor claw into the soil. In the moment when the anchor chain has not been completely straightened, release about half of the anchor chain in time, and then brake. This is repeated several times, which makes the anchor very good at grasping the bottom. 

5. During the anchoring process, the first officer should always report the direction and force of the anchor chain in the water to the master with verbal or gesture (night flashlight). The carpenter used the bell to report the number of knots that the anchor chain was loose.

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