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Anchor equipment
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The anchor device is composed of an anchor, an anchor chain, an anchor chain cylinder, an anchoring machine and an auxiliary device.

1. Anchor: Produce a grip.

2. Anchor chain: connecting the anchor and the hull; transmitting the anchoring force generated by the anchor; the undercover chain generates the holding force due to the friction.

3. Anchor chain: It is the hole for the anchor chain to enter and exit and to store the anchor. The diameter is about 10 times the chain diameter. It consists of three parts: the deck chain hole, the side chain hole and the cylinder. A flushing device is provided in the cylinder for rinsing the anchor and the anchor chain during anchoring.

4. Chain stopper: set between the anchor machine and the anchor chain. The anchor chain is fixed to prevent the anchor chain from slipping out; the grip force generated by the anchor and the anchor chain is directly transmitted to the hull to reduce the load of the anchor machine and protect the anchoring machine; the gravity and inertia force of the anchor are tolerated during navigation.Commonly used are the following: spiral chain stopper; guillotine chain stopper; chain chain stopper.

5. Anchor chain tube: The anchor chain tube is arranged below the anchor sprocket, the upper and lower nozzles must be enlarged, and the upper nozzle is often provided with a cover to prevent a large amount of seawater from entering the chain lock cabin, and the lower nozzle is often welded with a semicircle for reinforcement. Steel ring. The anchor chain tube has a diameter of about 7 to 8 times the chain diameter.

6. Anchor chain compartment: It is the compartment where the anchor chain is stored, which is located below the anchoring machine. The longitudinal partition wall is divided into two left and right sides, and two anchor chains are respectively stored; a stepping hole is opened in the partition wall; a sewage well is arranged at the bottom of the anchor chain cabin; the bilge is lined with thick planks or covered with cement cushion, and the anchor chain is Shelving on the steel bar grille on the cement layer to prevent the bilge from being directly hit by the chain.

7. Abandon chain: A device used to quickly disengage the end of the chain from the hull in an emergency. Generally set in places that are easily accessible to personnel. Commonly available are cross-hatch and spiral chain abandoners.

8. Windlass: horizontal anchor machine, vertical anchor machine (anchor winch), anchor winch (electric, steam, hydraulic, manual).

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