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Anchor chain watermark logo making method and precautions
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The mark of the anchor chain is commonly called the anchor chain. In order to quickly identify the length of the anchor chain when the anchor is thrown up, the length of the anchor chain in the water can be grasped during the anchoring, and the markings are marked on each connecting link and its adjacent chain link. The method is: around the wire (or white steel ring) of the first chain link before and after the connecting link (or shackle) between the first and second sections, and between the two links The chain link is painted white and the connecting link is painted red to indicate the first section. Winding the wire (or white steel ring) on the second chain link before and after the connecting link between the second and third sections, and whitening all the chain links between the two links Paint, the connecting link is painted with red lacquer to represent the second section. And so on to the fifth and sixth sections. Beginning with the link between the sixth and seventh sections, repeat the same method in the first to sixth sections for marking. The last one or two sections can be painted with red or yellow lacquer as a warning to warn the end of the chain to alert you to the anchor. Precautions:

1. When winding the wire, use an annealed wire with a diameter of 2-4 mm, and wrap around 10 to 20 turns on the crosspiece of the chain to be marked.

2. The anchor chain must be cleaned of rust, iron oxide and dirt before painting.

3. The anchor chain logo is painted with three layers of paint. When the paint is applied by the brushing method, the second layer of paint is applied when the first layer of paint is just dry.

4. If the chain to be marked has been coated with asphalt asphalt paint, remove the asphalt or asphalt paint before marking.

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